Stacked Barplots of Birthplaces of Non-US-Born Players on USMNT from 2004 to April 2017

As promised yesterday, here is the figure showing the places of birth for the non-US born players who made it onto the field for the USMNT for at least part of one game from 2004 through April 2017. The stacked bars are arranged by year along the x-axis, and each small color block is the equivalent of one player. As one would anticipate, Germany is by far the most common place of birth for non-US-born USMNT players. Moreover, the number of players born in Germany increased from only 1 from 2004 to 2010 (under Bruce Arena I and Bob Bradley) to 5 in 2011 and then as many as 7 in 2016 (under Jurgen Klinsmann). Thus far in 2017, Bruce Arena II had used 2 players born in Germany, although that might increase as the rest of the year plays out.

(click to enlarge(

The thing that I find most surprising from this figure is the paucity of USMNT players born in Mexico. That is followed by what to me is the surprising finding that only one country (Germany) accounted for more than 1 non-US-born player on the USMNT in any one year.


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