United States Map of Birthplaces of USMNT Players (2004-April 2017)

Building on my recent posts about the composition of the USMNT, this post provides a map of the United States on which the places of birth of US-born USMNT players are plotted. The colors of the dots represent the number of players born at each location. New York City was the birth place of the most players (5), followed by Los Angeles and Atlanta (4). Unfortunately, the dots for Los Angeles and Atlanta are obscured by multiple other dots in the same area. No matter what I adjusted, I could not get them to be more visible than they are. Even geom_jitter was insufficient, as some dots ended up being displaced into Mexico before the Los Angeles blue dot was visible.

I imagine that the dots in the mainland US would be more readily visible if Hawaii was not the birthplace of 2 USMNT players. If the map did not have to include Hawaii, I would be able to make the Lower 48 that much larger.

Most of Alaska is missing from the map because no dots were located there.

Here's the map:

(click to enlarge)


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