Radar Charts of Major Domestic Trophies Won by MLS Teams

More radar charts. This time it's back to MLS. These charts plot the number of major trophy wins for MLS teams. The major domestic competitions in which MLS teams compete are MLS Cup, the Supporters' Shield, and the US Open Cup. I found the MLS Cup and Supporters' Shield winners here and a list of MLS teams that have won the US Open Cup here. Where necessary, I changed the names of the winners to their current MLS versions, such as with Kansas City Wizards and Sporting Kansas City. I also included now-defunct teams that won at least one of these trophies (i.e., Tampa Bay Mutiny and Miami Fusion). Who knows? Perhaps they will be revived in some form or other with future MLS expansion.

As before, the farther along a spoke the plot goes, the more wins in that particular competition for that team. The larger the overall shaded area, the greater the cumulative total major domestic trophy wins for that team.

(click to enlarge)


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