Week 6 USISSL League Table

California continues to lead the the way, widening its advantage over 2nd place Texas to nearly 100 points. Ohio, New Jersey, and New York all held their positions to round out the top 5 places.

The biggest mover of the week (at least in a positive direction) was Florida. Despite being able to play only 10 players, Florida not only moved up three places from 9th to 6th,  but in so doing it became the first state to finish a week above a full-strength state in the table, bumping the 11 men of Pennsylvania down to 7th place.

Conversely, Massachusetts tumbled three places down the table to the 10th spot. This is not surprising given that Massachusetts can play only 9 players any given week, but it also serves to highlight just how much North Carolina--with only 7 players on the field--is punching above its weight while holding steady in 8th position.

The official Week 6 USISSL table (click to enlarge):

The only transaction news for the past week was that California's player pool increased by one (Luis Gil). All other states saw no increase or decrease in the number of players in their pools.


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