Update: St. Louis is the Hometown of American Soccer

Well, that's embarrassing! While attempting another quick and dirty (Q&D) analysis of the USISSL dataset, I discovered that I had somehow included the players from Colorado twice. Alas, this means that the previous post declaring Aurora, CO, the Home of America Soccer was wrong. Neither Aurora nor Denver can claim to be the hometown of 4 MLS players. Instead, St. Louis emerges as the lone leader of the MLS Hometown Table.

This duplication also means that the total number of players in the USISSL is 311.

As I said before, I'm sure I'll be discovering more errors. I just didn't think it would be so soon and so big!

Here is the updated/corrected Hometown Table:

     Home.Town Home.State     n
        <fctr>     <fctr> <int>
1    St. Louis         MO     4
2      Atlanta         GA     3
3       Dallas         TX     3
4      El Paso         TX     3
5  Federal Way         WA     3
6      Gahanna         OH     3
7    Grapevine         TX     3
8      Houston         TX     3
9  Los Angeles         CA     3
10    McKinney         TX     3
11     Phoenix         AZ     3
12       Plano         TX     3
13   San Diego         CA     3
14     Seattle         WA     3


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